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I am a young director just breaking into the commercial industry with a focus on comedy. I love the short form storytelling that commercials afford. I particularly love to make spots that can show product or service value while being both visually interesting and gut-busting funny. 

Commercial Director


I'm a commercial director with a passion for quirky character comedy. I love the short form storytelling that commercials afford. I particularly enjoy to make spots that can champion being both visually interesting and gut-busting funny.



Matty Fisher is a commercial director based in New York City, best known for his quirky brand of effects-based comedy. Matty’s vision for all things hilarious and wild, paired with his background as an editor/compositor and production company owner, translate into tightly-timed, well-executed and award-winning spots that keep the chuckle alive from coast to coast.

Coming fresh off the heels of a feature in SHOOT Magazine’s 2018 New Directors Showcase, Fisher’s made a name for himself in the business of uncovering stories in unexpected places and the off-the-wall ways in which to tell them. Fisher’s first entry into the Doritos Crash The Superbowl contest placed in the top 5 and his augmented reality GPS-based, scavenger hunt app was featured in the Wall Street Journal’s documentary series, Start Up of the Year, Integral to his ease with storytelling is Matty’s experience owning his own production company, at which he worked on over 100 industrials, commercials, and web-based videos with clients like Chevrolet, Southern Living and Lennox.
Nowadays, Matty writes and directs in New York City, where he’s developed and written multiple award-winning commercials and short films, including a Gold Movie Award for The Tale of the Norwood Dragon.’ At the end of the day, Matty’s on the hunt for funny, and funny’s what he’ll find. Previous clients include Verizon, Chevrolet, Suave, Simply and Zantac.