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The Tale of The Norwood Dragon


Matt Fisher's collection of past creative projects and some that a work in progress.

The Tale of The Norwood Dragon

Matt Fisher

An ancient creature is disturbed from his sleep. One brave king must battle the beast.

A simple 3D animation turned into a full movie trailer

Ian Berger made a cool animation that compelled me to get involved. 

One afternoon I walked past the 3D pit at work and saw all of the animators huddled around Ian's ( desk. I stepped into the crowd to see what all of the interest was about. The team were trying to work out a way for this dragon animation to breath fire. As I watched it play down. I realized I could do something really cool with this. I asked if I could take a crack at it.

Animation test for "The Tale of Norwood Dragon"

I added in some fire. I stepped back and was like "That's pretty sweet!" A friend jokingly said you should add in a burning village in the background and my director-brain took over. I wrote out a simple script and started comping some title cards. I had some help from another friend Julian.

I started recruiting other folks I worked with to help. My long-time collaborator and name twin,  Matthew L. Fisher ( agreed to whip up some music magic and the next thing we knew we had ourselves a fake movie trailer.

Final Audio Mix

Mike Jansson took this project to another level with some sound design and a final mix.

Once I started to realize we were going to have an actually finished trailer, it occurred to me that there had to be festivals and contests that feature trailer. Guess what, there are! We even won a couple!

Special thanks to Truong CG for the amazing model and to Victoria Scott for lending your beautiful voice to the project!